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Sex Stories by Jamdin

Bawdy Tales:
Allie's Valentine Surprise - This redhead knows how to please her man
A Very Special Christmas - A couple exhange sexual gifts
The Bitch Is Back In Black - A brunette takes charge of her man again
For The Love Of Erin - A man enjoys the pleasures of a petite redhead
Goldenboots - A masked blonde burglar is after more than cash
Hot Tub Action - One night affair at a motel
Linda In Lace - He loved her frilly panties
My Valentine Birthday - Holly gives him a special treat
One Night With Darby - She models lingerie to kick his passion into high gear
Reunited With Tara - A sexual reunion of high school sweethearts
Sneak A Peek - Petite blonde shows more than she first intended
Threesome At The Faire - He gets lucky at the Renaissance Faire
Trucker's Shower - Woman trucker enjoys having her back scrubbed
Whisper - She waited for him to say those three words

Bisexual Stories:
Watching My Biexual Wife - Husband comes home early to find his wife having sex with her best friend

Fantasy Sex Stories:
Lucy the Leprechaun - a gardener gets a surprise visit from a sexy little person
The Princess' Picnic - a princess tempts her escort

Gay Sex Stories:
Andy's Cock - steamy gay sex after a night out
Computer Pumping - a Christmas present put to good use
David's Dick - a bodybuilder fucks my ass raw
Hank The Hunk - how I met the hottest hunk in my life
Tony The Tiger - he was more than just another lifeguard

Gothic Erotica:
Baroness Bonnie - he dared to enter the forbidden castle
The Beast Within - she always comes at the end of life
Black Mass - a coven of thirteen witches always spell doom
The Bride Wore Red - never marry a thirsty vampire
The Burning - a lighted cigarette causes great pain
Cemetery Girls - two lesbian goths make out in the graveyard
The Creature - mature woman pleases an unknown monster
The Demon Had Breasts - an aging sorcerer calls up Lilith
Goth Tits - lesbian lust in a cemetery
Mistress Rose - she wields a mean riding crop
The Mistress In Red - the groom gets a whipping surprise
The Sword Mistress - he became her Dark Knight
Transylvania Twist - Dracula gets a surprise
Interracial Sex Stories:
Bunny's First Bisexual Threesome

Mature Sex Stories:
Adam's Aunt - Ethan gets lucky with his friend's busty aunt
Busty Mother - Rick enjoys Rita and her big 42DD breasts

Shemelae Sex Storeis:
The Conversation - he finds his true love in a hermaphrodite
House of Natural Wonders #1: The Bordello - or is it a House of Freaks?
House of Natural Wonders #2: Pictures of Lily - a shemale breaks in a virgin
Invasion - are shemales really from earth?
Mon Cherrie #1: The Summoning - an amazon shemale summons a cat woman
Mon Cherrie #2: The Breeding - a woman warrior seeks out the shemale amazon
Mon Cherrie #3: The Magic Chair - the shemale amazon goes shopping
Mon Cherrie #4: Special Favor - a mysterious woman seeks the shemale amazon
Mon Cherrie #5: The Cursed Shaft - she goes through even more changes
My Shemale Queen Nerfertiti - an ebony shemale is treated like a queen
Shemale Angel #1: Atlantis - a shemale story set in the past
Shemale Angel #2: Manhattan - a shemale story set in the modern day
Shemale Angel #3: Utopia - a shemale story set in the future

Smoking Sex Stories:
The Smoking Angel - a beautiful blonde smokes a cigar in the office
The Smoking Diva - she was a singer that met a man with a very special request

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